5 Reasons Sarcastic People Are the Smartest People You’ll Meet

Most people are fluent in sarcasm.  It’s an easy-to-use tool that let’s people know that not only are you already entirely aware of what’s going on, but you see the humor in it.  Some like to debase sarcasm as the lowest form of wit, but I’m pretty sure those people are the ones who get made fun of by sarcastic people because they have no idea what’s going on.

Sarcasm is definitely not like other forms of comedy; it doesn’t boast of some special brand of humor only understood by the elite.  After all, saying one thing while implying another isn’t exactly rocket science.

Yet, it’s more complicated than it first appears.  Language specialists note that sarcasm is often used as form of mild insult, a means to moderate criticism, and is often coupled with obliqueness and humor.  And there are numerous studies showing that sarcastic people are some of the smartest you’ll meet.

Here are five reasons why:

Sarcastic people are funny and insulting – Sarcasm in remarks typically holds a double meaning: words that are both insulting and funny at the same time.  Clever people are able to mask their insults or criticisms as sarcasm, making them sound and look harmless.  This is often illustrated by the listener laughing one second, only to grimace a few moments later when it dawns on them that this person was actually making fun of them.

We see through smoke and mirrors – Sarcastic people possess the ability to understand the state of mind and emotions that come with it, which typically results in them being able to read people like a book.  They are able to read individuals to such an extent that they know exactly how to trigger an emotional response from them.  They’ll respond sarcastically when they know you’re hiding something, hoping to rattle you because of their own insecure feelings.

They are excellent at problem-solving – Research has shown that sarcastic people use sarcasm to help derive creative solutions to problems.  Their brains work in such a way that they are excellent at finding answers and creative workarounds to solve complex problems or situations that seem to stump a normal individual.

They think quick on their feet – Sarcastic individuals think quickly, and because of this, their brains are often working a bit harder than your average person.  They’re quick to tout witty and sly answers almost instantly, which can come off as rude or mean, which might be true, but hey at least they’re smart about their insults.

Their intelligence rubs off on others – Because sarcastic people have such complex ways of thinking and communication, it has been seen that they influence those around them in a positive way.  Being in constant contact with a sarcastic person requires you to think more critically to keep up with their way of thinking, which in turn helps you to become smarter.  Or at least more thoughtful.


By Seth M

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