5 Cheap ways to travel the world

Nowadays, it seems like pretty much everyone and their mom says they like to travel.  And I don’t blame them.  Travelling is easily one of the most rewarding and gratifying activities to undertake, whether it be within the limits of your home country or a grand adventure in a foreign world.  There’s always talk of getting the “travel bug,” meaning you once you start, it can be difficult to want to quit.

Unfortunately, the costs involved with traveling abroad can stack up fast, leaving many people searching for viable alternatives to traditional travel plans.

Here are five of the cheapest ways to travel:

Couch Surfing

You might have heard this term thrown around by your friends who are simply bumming a place to crash for the night, but for those who like to travel, couch surfing is an actual network of people from all over the world who offer up temporary residence for those who are traveling.  CouchSurfing.com is a platform used by this massive network to arrange overnight accommodations.

Travelling in the Low Season

The costs of travelling fluctuate during different times of the season.  A destination with amazing weather and conditions during one particular season will cost more to travel to than when they’re in their “off-season” when conditions are maybe less satisfactory than one would hope for.  Some of the most popular tourist destinations’ restaurants and businesses will even shut down for the low-season.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time visiting; some of the best trips you will take will be in the low-season.  Just be sure to prepare thoroughly and bring clothes for the right weather.

Day Trips

Day trips are probably the least expensive way to take trips and travel about.  Even if your destination is a mere hour or two away, having to travel that distance will instill you with that sense of travel.  Find places that are far away from you, but not so far that you can’t complete it in a day or two.  National parks, historic sites, landmarks, and town novelties are all good picks for taking a day trip.

Stay in a Vacation Rental With a Ton of Your Friends

Vacation rentals can be a great option for those of you who have a solid group of people that are willing to split the costs of the trip.  If you’re by yourself, probably not the best way to go.  The more people you have in your group, the cheaper it’s going to be, with many vacation rentals becoming cheaper than hotels once a certain number of people have been reached.  Not to mention, some of these rentals are extremely nice, providing you and your crew with a bit of luxury.

Take a Cruise

I know, a lot of you probably think that cruises are a lame way to travel, but as more and more cruise companies cut the costs of their trips, the more and more viable they become.  Oftentimes the cruise companies will offer you one low price for a trip that includes food, lodging and entertainment.  They also regularly offer discounts on their standard cabin options.  Nowadays, it’s fairly commonplace to see week-long trips for under $500 a person, making them highly favorable over trips through Europe where the exchange rate alone will easily kill your wanderlust vibe.


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